Illustrated guide to removing the Car Stereo (Head Unit) from your Honda Civic Type-R (EP3)

Please Note: The plastic on the centre console is quite fragile and the silver finish very prone to scratching. Try to handle it with as much care as possible.

First of all remove the gearknob. This is done by loosening the 13mm locknut on the base of the knob by one turn. To avoid any scratching you can use a cloth in the jaws of the spanner or some tape.  Civic Type-R - Unscrew the lock nut

Now simply unscrew the gearknob all the way off. Also take off the lock nut.  Civic Type-R - Gear Knob Removal

Now, the bottom half of the centre console must be removed. First push your fingers deep into the lower half of the rubber gaiter to get behind the plastic trim and pull out. Be careful not to pull too far out as the the upper half of the trim may start to bend.  Civic Type-R - Remove lower console trim

Pulling at the lower half  (in the previous step) disengages the two lower clips but there are another 2 at the top (one each side). Some claim that just by working your way up they should also come away with ease but this may not be the case. You may end up straining the plastic fascia if they do not come out easily. The best way to release these 2 clips is to work from behind as well.


To do this first release the glove box by opening and squeezing in the sides of it - this will allow it to drop from it's engagement holes and allow it to drop down, giving you rear access to the centre console.

 Civic Type-R - Glovebox Removal

 Civic Type_r - Glove Box Removal 2


Two people will help but you can also achieve this on your own. With one hand behind feel for the back of the cigarette lighter and push it outwards - this should help push the trim out and provide some clearance for you to wedge in a plastic scraper (or similar implement - I'm actually using an old CD with a bit of tape!) and prise the top left half of the trim away. Now you should have enough clearance to get your fingers behind and also release the remaining clip on the top right with ease.

 Civic Type-R - Lower Console Removal


Pull the lower fascia away, release the 2 electronic connectors to it and lift it off the gearstick and place to one side. The connector to the cigarette lighter should just pull away with a little wiggle. The other connector to the hazard warning light releases upon depressing a tab on the side.

Civic Type-R - Lower console remove connectorsCivic Type-R - Remove Connectors

Now, we want to remove the upper half of the console including the head unit. Looking into the already made cavity you will see a metal chassis with 2 bolts each end (see pic). These need to be slackened on both sides. The bolts are 8mm and also have a posidrive head so you have the choice of a socket set or a screwdriver. The bolt on the left is quite easy to access directly via the glovebox entry side. The one on the right a little trickier. You can make some clearance to get behind the right hand fascia by removing the fuse cover trim panel on the driver's footwell - just turn the release tab 90 degrees and pull away. Use a socket spanner or screwdriver bit with a flexible reach. Alternatively using a small offset spanner from the front with a little patience and little fingers will also work. Remember, both these bolts only need to be slackened, not totally removed.

Civic Type-R - Locating fixing bolts 

Next, just unclip one of the wire looms from the  chassis by depressing the clip (if someone has been messing around in here before it may not even be clipped on).

Civic Type-R - Loom Clip Removal 

Pull the lower chassis towards yourself slowly working from where u slackened the bolts - the bolts should now disengage from their spigots and the trim start to come away. Continue lifting the whole console away slowly watching for any cables that might be getting snagged. Once the top part of the console is away as well, release the 3 green electronic connectors (by depressing the centre clip) - they are all different sizes so there is no need to remember which one goes where.  Finally, remove the cables to the head unit and remove the whole unit.

Civic Type-R ICE Removal - Pull lower hingesCivic Type-R ICE Removal - Remove Console

Now you can take the whole console into the warmth of your home to install your new headunit or whatever else you want to do. The Civic centre console can take a double DIN entertainment system by removing the plastic tray. Refitting is simply a reversal of removal.

Note: When installing a new head unit, the cage normally supplied does not have to be used as the Civic has it's own chassis that you use with side securing screws. In some cases using the cage in addition may help centre the H/U and take up any slack in the fitment.

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